Influence @ Influenster

I was going through my daily task…updating my Instagram account, when something caught my attention: a friend’s picture with a box of seemingly ordinary stash of goodies in a box. I am used in seeing pictures like that in Instgram; people will post whatever new stuff they have, what they had for dinner, lunch or breakfast, or other things expensive or not. What tickled my fancy was the tag #Influenster. I was like… “what the fish is this?? another social media site??” So at times like that, I did nothing but click the hash-tag, browse through their Instagram account, and there, I got my first introduction on what’s the new trend that has 5000 plus followers on it.


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Not your ordinary cup of tea…


If you’re a fan of this famous tea store in the metro, you definitely know what I’m talking about! For those who heard it for the first time, this is where people enjoy their Hokkaido Milk Tea, Minty Choco Milk Tea, Frost series tea and 10 sinkers mixed in their drink…well, let me introduce or reintroduce to you Serenitea.

They’ve started December of 2008, and now they have opened their 18th branch at Space 7&8 G/F Bonifacio One Technology Tower, 3030 Rizal Drive West Corner 31st St. Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. Well, from St. Lukes Hospital Taguig, you just have to walk or drive to the 31st St., and thier store is just beside BPI bank, across the Pancake House and First Bus stop from Kalayaan. They’ve started thier soft opening on July 15 of this year, and hell, my officemates who really introduced Serenitea in our workplace are really excited that we have to check the store for a week to see if it has opened. Now, it’s open to the public so tea lovers and those who pretends that they love tea because it’s the latest fad, well, here’s a new place where you get to enjoy what you love the most – customizing your tea, making it not an average blant one.

Checking out the place, it’s as comely as their other store…well aside from the one in Eastwood (hehehe). It’s green and cream colored store is really inviting, because the interior of the place itself is really cozy. Just like any other Serenitea store, they have limited seats and few tables, where one can spend or kill time at.

One thing I like this latest fad is aside from they make and serve high quality of freshly brewed tea, it’s really a healthy alternative for sodas, coffee and calorie-packed smoothies. Teas has proven it’s self to be one of the healthiest drink, and Serenitea is serving it in a fun and refreshing way. At Serenity BGC, they haven’t said when will be the grand opening, but one of thing that every fan should look forward to is on their grand day, they will upgrade your large drink to jumbo for free!

Check out their website at and like thier facebook page at So all you guys who work within St.Lukes Taguig or 31st St., or just anybody who happened to drop by the area, give yourself a break from your ordinary drink and treat yourself for a cup of Serenitea. For first timers, there’s nothing to fear because you can ask for their best seller from the store manager 😉

안녕하세요 Dishes!

I am a fan of spicy foods, but for whatever reason, I never get “addicted” with Korean dishes which are culture-wise, spicy. I find it crazy because when me and my friends are still making decisions what to eat and where to go, I have no idea that all of them are serious when they said they are up to dining to a Korean store and I’m the one left, and still undecided. With the pleading look in their eyes and while we’re stuck in a traffic, I did say yes. Minutes later, I found myself at Don Pedro St. Makati, in front of Mirae BBQ Korean Cuisine Restaurant.

The only Korean dish I know is Kimchi (and I don’t even know if I spelled it right!lolx) and Bulgogi, and I’m glad to taste some other Korean food; thanks to a friend who taught us how to enjoy Korean dishes at its finest.

I like the part in which we get to see how garlic and pork were grilled, since the griller is on the middle of the table. I enjoy seeing the pork turned to golden brown and the smell of grilled garlic tickled my olfactory sense. The downside of having Grilled pork belly or Samgyeopsal being cooked in front of me was the smell sticks on my shirt, and on my hair, which made a really “not so comely” scent after we dine.

It’s nice to know that the foods are not pricey as I thought it would be, and for a budget of as low as P250, one can surely enjoy Korean food without ruining a budget. Some of the foods we get to dig in are Paejon, Spicy beef and leek soup, Stone Pot Bibimbap, Mandu and Bulgogi. I’ll say Korean foods are pretty healthy because most of their dishes have vegetables in it.


Of course, I think a Korean feast will be incomplete without a bottle of Soju! Since it’s been quite some time since I drink any liquor, I find the taste pretty strong, but one thing’s for sure, it does leaves a warm feeling in my tummy after one shot.

Mirae BBQ Korean Restaurant just opened January of this year, and it’s pretty spacious enough to accommodate 10-20 people. I don’t think reservations are a must, but it wouldn’t hurt if one would go there first and reserve a few seats. They also have an allotted parking space, so it’s not that hassle to find a place to park a car. Mirae is a place for those who love and would love to eat and explore Korean dishes, with a price right enough to fit every one’s wallet. Like one of my friend said, choosing among Wow, Meets and Needs Improvement to rate the place and the food, we gave it a Meets.

Why “Van Gogh is Bipolar”?

Happy Fish or Chill Meat?

It was a night to remember as I had a dinner at a place which they call as a “wonderland”, because of its eccentricity and unique way of experiencing luscios food and getting in touch with your artistic side.

From the outside, it looks like an ordinary place but as I stepped in, it’s like entering a different world. I must say it’s a privilege to be part of Jetro Rafael, the restaurant owner’s haven and I’m glad that someone is willing enough to share his talent. I’m also thankful to him because he still accommodates us in his restaurant, even it’s per reservation and they only accept 12 guest at a time that day.

I had a three meal course and it is great that even Jetro spent some time with his “visitors” and share some of his thoughts about the food he served us. I learned from him that it’s good to eat white meat for it relax’s our body as compared to red meat. He even shared a trivia, in which he said red meat makes a person aggravated, that is why soldiers during the war are prompted to eat more red meat than white meat. I also love their drinks which he call the “love potion” for it is really refreshing and each fruit pulps really gets into me and gives me an “ooohmp” sensation. Their dessert is really interesting as well for their Swiss vodka was served with the sweets, like chocolates.

I’d say it’s a place to those who just want to have quality time together or for those who wants to escape from the busy and bustling life in the street. Though it takes them time to serve their food, I did not become impatient because I gat to have a book to browse through, pictures to see, wear a crazy hat, carve my name on a wooden table and share my darkest secret in his dark room.

It is a must see place and their food is really good, which also served in a reasonable price. I will really go back to this abode because it just makes me feel like I’m home. Check them out at 154 H Maginhawa St. Sikatuna Village, Quezon City. For reservations, call or text them at +63922.824.3051.