Thank you Kristen Stewart

I heard that Twilight superstar, Kristen Stewart is again in the spotlight and this time not as Bella Swan who’s head over heels with Edward Cullen. It’s been weeks or probably longer than I think, when Hollywood paparazzi spotted Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders being affectionate with each other, also known as flirting, and for those who still didn’t know who Rupert is, he’s the director of Snow White and the Huntsman wherein Kristen is the lead star…played as the huntsman! Nah, just kidding, she’s actually Snow White.

I stand up with what I said that Kristen is a huntsman. Seriously? Have a “fling” with a married guy? Nice move. It’s like being out in the dark woods and since the love of her life is nowhere to be found, alas! hunted a monster hanging around a tree which turned to be a friend…with benefits. Classic; but I feel pretty bad for her because she and the guy is not really good in keeping their short term relationship. Did they forget in a minute, or like forever that they are public figures? Oh well, I don’t really know what they are thinking at that moment, so lesson number 1: if you will have an affair with someone, find a place where not even a single soul will catch you red handed.

When my officemate, who happened to be a guy, heard about Kristen cheating on Robert Pattinson, he said “see! girls also cheat! and I bet a lot more younger (girl) kids wouldn’t mind doing that since hey! Bella can do it, so can they!”. Another hit in Kristen and Rupert’s head. A lot of kiddos or teenagers admire her because on and off camera, she and Rob has been showing their love for each other. Rupert have kids and they are looking up to him because they are the only who witness his love to their mom. Then came this affair that’s as viral as Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe. Thing is, when love or whatever it is that binded Kristen and Rupert together, it made them forget the people who look up to them. Forget about Robert and Liberty Ross, they swore them once that they will love them till death. But the people like Kristen fans and Rupert kids, those were the one they should worry the most. It was not even surprising when a lot of video or tweets are out there showing their emotions on what happened…let me remind you guys, most of the reactions came from the young ones. I wonder how they can make the understand what they have done? How long will the pain be cured? How big is the damage their short affair cost them? Lesson number 2: Before getting to an affair, think of the people involved! Try searching for a well-preparedness program where both or one of the party involved will be mature enough to stand up for what they have done, and make them understand that what they have done is wrong.

They said, that if a guy or a girl is flirting or liking a single person, the single person should “auto-delete” the married person in his or her life and find another fish in the sea. What if they can’t help it? like what happened in the most talk about affair the past few days. Who among the two should really take the blame? Rupert? Kristen? Someone doesn’t need a diploma to understand that cheating is as worst as stealing; cheating is as grave as lying; cheating is just bad. Yet everyone will agree with me that it’s also the most adventurous thing anyone can do. Can we also blame them if they only want to spice up their lives? What if they only found what’s lacking in their relationships in each other? Will Kristen “auto-delete” Rupert in her life? Even if everything they have done is wrong, what they have done probably their favorite mistake and the most beautiful one. When the young ones are being emotional, the mature ones should just act, well, mature enough! Their story is not an ordinary one and she is not the first Hollywood female star who cheated in their partner. Okay, so we get it. It’s wrong, it shouldn’t be done, it’s their mistake and only the mature one gets to understand what should and shouldn’t be done. Last and final lesson that everyone should be reminded of: Cheating is an adventurous game to play, but it has a price to pay.

Fact is, it really doesn’t matter who among the two of them started it. It’s sad to say that it’s a common issue at this time, and their only and biggest mistake in this affair is both of them are popular. Let me quote in Maroon 5’s song “All those fairytales are full of shit” and their story is not an exemption and probably a good example of what a real love story is. Finally, Rupert showed how good he is as a director and Kristen as an actress. They were able to come up with a story that is a sure hit. Because of them, the kids (should know by know) that Kristen is not Bella in real life. Parents should thank her and Rupert because they have something to talk about with their teeners, other than how great Twilight is (grab this opportunity for them to know what’s right and wrong!lol). Lesson learned by every one and even those who are not involved have lessons to learn as well. If one is willing to risk another “adventurous” game, then they should be reminded of lesson number 1 and 2.

To Kristen, I would like to end this with a simple Thank You, for reminding everyone the possibilities of one should face if they are not careful enough in playing the game. For Robert, I have this song dedicated for you and I wish you all the best in your relationship right now. Cheers!



Listen, think and speak…

“Those who know don’t speak, and those who speak don’t know” – Lao Tzu

In this generation in where people’s opinion matters, most of us are abusive of the freedom that we have. We comment on what we see, smell, hear, taste or feel even if it doesn’t make a lot of sense at all, or worst we hardly act on the things that we should be doing. We tend to be irrational and irresponsible at times, and for some, they say their opinion just to make someone feel bad or simply to have fun of someone. With this, our out-spoken opinion could lead to most of the time bad, than good judgment.

The phrase “I am entitled to my opinion” is overrated! Most of us talk before we think. A word said can be fatal than a sword – so it wouldn’t be bad if we be rational first before we drop a word. When we’re emotional, we lose the most common of all senses and neglect the fact that people around us have feelings too, so firing negative words for whatever reason, only leads to a cycle of pain.

I’m not saying we should suppress our thoughts or feelings; it’s a matter of being responsible on the privilege that we have. It’s more of being mindful on every word that we say. Tone and timing is the key. We are responsible on everything we say, and if we become responsible on what we say, we become good listeners, thus can lead to proper communication. Words that come from someone’s tongue, which are not filtered in one’s mind, makes them really dumb.

One thing I’ve learned is, before you say something about what the person wears, looks, smell and skin tone…think first. True enough: “If you have nothing good to say, better keep your mouth shut!”. Empty words only come from an empty mind.

***an original post from my personal blog at blogspot. Reposting and revised after 10 months.