The scratch on your belly and a bite on my arm.


There are posts out there providing ways on “how to keep the relationship stronger”, “how to stay on a relationship” and other “how to’s” on keeping the spark with the one we have chosen to be with. Nevertheless, all those advice seems too easy to follow, yet in reality, it’s really hard to keep up a relationship whether it’s week old one or five and more years.

For someone who’s been single for quite sometimes, I told myself that once I found the one who I want to be my “other half”, I will do my best to keep what we have last almost forever. Every relationship have its boo-boos and unfortunate turn of unexpected events. No matter what Dalai Lama or a shrink says, there are things that only a couple can work with and fix.

For one, we have our differences. No matter how much we love watching the same television show, eating the same food or exploring different places, I still find differences that might make or break our relationship. There will be small or petty arguments that can bore us out and tell each other “we keep on having the same kind of shizzle every single time!” Surprisingly, these kind of things can really make a couple cut the strings. From what I believe in, these differences can only be fixed by what I call “acceptance”. There will be no medical definition for that or anything deep scientific meaning attached to that word, because I have learned that I need to accept the fact, that there are little things that might break us, and that there are some things we cannot agreed upon. Acceptance is ALWAYS the key.

Then after acceptance, I learned that I should not try to fix our differences! Seriously, I cannot ALWAYS tell my partner to do this or not to do that. Say it once, then he should understand and accept wholeheartedly what are the things that pisses me off, and that goes the same towards me. We change on their own pace and capabilities. This don’t happen overnight, but I trust my partner enough that he will change and it manifests in some matters, like by simply helping me washing the dishes without telling him to do it. I learned that I should never get tired of telling them what hurts me because at times, they might become forgetful and needs to be reminded of. Our differences at times keeps us together because it gives us each other a different perspective on each other’s beliefs and idea. However for some relationship, this could be really tricky. Emotional and physical abuse is a different story. One who is used in hurting someone can make it a habit and this is a habit that is hard to get rid off. Remember: Bruise rhymes with Abuse.

Respect is the result of acceptance and not trying to fix it asap. Respect the fact that people will not always lead my way, so does my guy. There are wonders in what respect can do in a relationship. Respect that to the point that I know I should never hit his ego in public. Respect that I know his weakness and help him through it, and respect that he knows how show patience during my red days. With respect, we learned how to say “sorry”. Since we respect each other, we can say in each other’s face “it’s my fault” and give each other time to breathe to forgive. Respect is my teacher in saying what I want to say, how I say it and when I should say it.

Lastly, trust. If you respect your master, you’ll trust them. If you respect your friend, you trust them. I think that goes the same in our relationship. We have enough trust with each other that we even know how to give space and not invade their “private” life. I may “own” him, but I trust him enough to have him keep his own email and other social media accounts passwords and not ask for it. He trusts me enough that even if I work with guys at the office, at the end of the day, I am still eager to be at his arms. There will always be girls prettier than me and guys more hunk than him, but we always go back to the reason why we chose to be with each other the first time we met.

We’ve only been together for 2 years and there are bumps and tears along the way. There are more of it to expect but still hoping for the best. There are no special recipe for successful relationships. Yet the simple things we have makes us value each other every single day, even if we fight like cats and dogs. I know love will always spark if we never get tired of trusting, respecting and accepting each other as who we are.


On Common Manners

If I’m going to start a business and sell “Common Manners” in the market, I’ll either be in the brink of “debt of death” or, I could be a millionaire and beat Lucio Tan in the bun!

For what ever reason, in this generation where advance technology is the steering wheel of every nation to progress, fashion is reachable to people, information is easily attained and talk is cheap, a lot of people are missing out one thing – to have common manners. Continue reading

Pages to fill this 2013

For whatever reason, nowadays, people are eager to have a planner and are excited to fill the pages with “must do”, “must see”, “must haves”, “must taste” and other “must” anyone can think of. Though I’ll say, for someone who needs a planner and started when I had my first job, it is a commitment and a practice to stick to what you really planned for. I am pretty bad with “sticking with my plans”. I am an avid fan of unplanned events and other unexpected twists in life, while keeping my time in place. Then the evolution of my planner to a journal con diary happened.

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Influence @ Influenster

I was going through my daily task…updating my Instagram account, when something caught my attention: a friend’s picture with a box of seemingly ordinary stash of goodies in a box. I am used in seeing pictures like that in Instgram; people will post whatever new stuff they have, what they had for dinner, lunch or breakfast, or other things expensive or not. What tickled my fancy was the tag #Influenster. I was like… “what the fish is this?? another social media site??” So at times like that, I did nothing but click the hash-tag, browse through their Instagram account, and there, I got my first introduction on what’s the new trend that has 5000 plus followers on it.


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Beijing – opening door to tourists without Visa

In hope to increase the tourism industry in Beijing, China, the country’s tourism department started a visa-waiver program which will give tourist a break from the tedious process of visiting the city’s famous landmarks for trips or vacation.

The program will give way to all business travelers and tourists from 45 countries, in which they can visit and stay in Beijing for 72 hours or 3 days, without visa.  Transit passengers from Canada, United States, members of European Union, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, South Korea, Japan and the United Arab Emirates, are just some of the eligible nationalities to take advantage of this program.

January 1, 2013 is the date to mark on the calendar to all qualified tourist, who can visit the famous Forbidden City, experience motor homes show, finest camping facilities and watch plays at Beijing Theatre.  As what the announcement stated that they are allowing, “….foreigners from 45 countries with visas and plane tickets to a third country to transit through Beijing for 72 hours without a visa.” This is indeed a good news for business men and travelers alike, because it will open both ways for China to present their greatest city to the world and diversify business opportunities.

Bad news is, Philippines is not listed in the countries included in the program. There is really no reason to feel bad about it because, still all Filipino travelers can go to Beijing, though they only need to pass the migration office in the airport just like other travelers, and have their Visa approved.


An Encounter with “Authority”

It was another day when I have to rush to the office; my patience was stretched to the limit even before I get to work for several reasons: my food was served late, got stuck on a traffic and I’m late for work. I knew for myself that I just need to shrug things off and start new again with all my best, because my work requires tons of patience for me to get by the day.

The moment I reached the office, the guard in the building lobby told me to stop and wear my shoes…yes! How can I forget that I was still wearing my flip flops on?! I was rushing that much that I tried to ask the guard to just let me pass by this time, so I can wear my formal shoes on when I reached my office space. He said no. I insisted. He yelled at me. I gave in and wore my shoes as what he wanted me to do…then he started scolding at me. That’s it! This means war!

I know it’s bad, but I answered back with the same tone of voice as he was given me. I admit that I yelled at him, just because I don’t know why he have to be rude, even if I’m already doing what he told me to do. I don’t understand why, even if I said “sorry po” with a smile, he still yelled at me. I know my fault, I did what he said, so why he still need to do that? I tried thinking and putting justice on what was done on me.

So I thought:

1. Maybe he also have a bad day, worst than what I have, that’s why he has done that…but is it reasonable?

2. Perhaps it’s his way to show authority, because as a building guard, he needs to make sure that all people going inside the premises is following rules to keep the place secure.

3. Or, it could be that I was not the first person he repremanded for wearing slippers when getting in the building…

Whatever the reason was, I still think that he could have just reported me to the security group where I work at and have my boss talk to me. I like things being done with process.

I then thought of what happened to the “Am a layer” girl, where a viral video shows a female student yelling at security (lady) guard. I didn’t get that far. No video was taken. Whew!

I realized, maybe she was also put on the spot and lost control, which made her say and act like a crazy lass in a public place. There will be instances where we lose control, say bad things to someone, hurt a stranger’s emotion and humiliate ourselves in public. Too bad for her, her side of the story was not revealed.

Educated or not, after what happened today, I completely understand that no matter how hard we try to control ourselves, we still need to be rational and just follow the ethics our company is expecting from us. For people in authority and those who serve the public, ideally those who supposed to keep us safe, should know that being bossy will not earn you respect and fear. I know they have to act tough, but they should understand enough on how treat thier “customers” with manners. A badge and a gun on hand is not enough to gain authority; the world doesn’t just work that way. As for the guard who shouted at me, I got my complaints done…I will let his supervisor do something to him.


Beyonce and Pepsi “Live for Now”

Now is the day to remember, for this is the time when people will be seeing Beyonce’s face printed on Pepsi cans. Beyonce in can…that’s what I thought of when I saw pictures of her face marked on cans, showing her support in the company’s “Live for Now” campaign. This is a smart move, making it appear like a limited edition cans that all Pepsi and music lovers can have.


As the product’s brand ambassador, she was able to snag a deal which worth’s about $50 million dollars! All I can say is…whoaw!! Today, I think Pepsi will be able to come up with a mentality, in which their product will be always associated with Beyonce or the other way around; it will be a breeze for them to achieve this, since she’s not just a Pop star but a businesswoman too, so I think she can really contribute a lot on how to promote the product and reach thier target market.


On one of Beyonce’s interview, she said “Pepsi embraces creativity and understands that artists evolve…As a businesswoman, this allows me to work with a lifestyle brand with no compromise and without sacrificing my creativity.” True enough, I guess it will be a win-win case for both parties…and I mean it will be good for Jay-Z too (*wink*wink*). Beyonce started to endorse Pepsi way back 2002, but only this time she got it big as the face of the company.


Learning the act of forgiveness

The past weeks, life has been tough on me.

I missed some events, lost a job, hated my “boss” that I think will last for the rest of my life, almost run out of cash, lost confidence to myself, cried and almost gave up. I know a part of everything that happened to me was my fault. I was so at ease that I thought I can handle everything. Then I lost control. I just can’t bear the fact that I have to cheat and do not put quality on what I was doing in my work then, when it’s something needed in my task. I started writing then, because it’s the only thing I know that’s right thing I can do after working in the office. I stopped writing because I can’t bear the fact that I was despised for not kissing some ass. I knew I have to fight for something, but I was just kicked in the butt after being vocal, for not accepting their ways of managing people and telling them that what they were doing was wrong. That crushed my pride. No one has done that to me…and that made me really frustrated.

On the time of my despair, I cried to my friends…I cried to the guy who always listen to me as I rant every day, telling him that I don’t like to compromise what I should be doing just to please people who barely understand the meaning of the words quality, integrity and work ethics. Every single day of my life then was hell…work was hell for me. When the time where they decided to be out of their lives, I know I should be happy, but what they have done was still unacceptable. No due process happened, just like that…I was stepping out of the office just like that. Then I told myself, I’ll get back on them. I will give justice on what they have done on me. I will make them pay for what they have done to me.

Several weeks after, I got some time to think of everything, what my then boss has done to me, and if I really want to put justice on what they did. I know I will be a coward for backing up and not telling our government of their unjust way of managing their people. Yet, on the other hand, I realized, what I really want was revenge. After some time of talking with some lawyers, friends and other office mates who had full support on me, I know for myself that revenge was something I don’t want to do. 

After learning that there were several of my office mates did already file a case against “her”, I was like “If I do the same thing, what’s in it for me?”. I know for myself the answer: MONEY! However, there’s more than money that I want to get from it, probably get my pride back? Seriously, I don’t know. All I knew that time was I was hurt, my pride was badly hurt and that I want to take revenge on them. But, do I really want them to lose their job and have the chance of not getting employed again? The same thing they have done on me? If I do that, will it make me better than them? or will I be just like them? Then, my nights are restless. So, I prayed.

I know, more than my wallet, my pride and ego was hurt. Right in the middle. Then, I realized, maybe it’s just a way of God teaching me how to be grounded…again. I sure do not want to be like them, so putting everything in court will not make any difference. It will be  just a cycle of pain and revenge between me and the people involved. I told myself, people may call you a coward for not filing the case, but I know I’ve been brave enough for telling in my “boss” face that what they were doing was wrong. I thought about it for a while, and I made a decision, I will leave everything to HIM. That was the thing I didn’t do for quite some time, trust HIM. Now, I just smile and said, “She’s all yours”

Almost two months had past, and I’ve been pretty particular with the company to work for. Money does matter, but integrity, team work, respect and values are priceless. I now have a new job as an IT Analyst. Pretty new and challenging for me. I must admit that I’ve been busy with venturing to another place to find my niche, so I forgot how was it to be angry at my “ex-boss”. I started putting some more activities in my calendar, like having a photo walk with my guy, meeting people I haven’t seen for a while and watching movies or TV series with my friends in my humble place. I let HIM take care of my anger and pain, as I move on with my life. That’s how I learned what forgiveness really is.

Sometimes, It’s never enough to say “I forgive you”, I learned that I really have to do something about it. There are more important things than pampering the pain in the heart. There are people in my life who keeps on showing me how valuable I am, no matter how f*cked up my life is. There are wonderful sights to see, and places to be. So why stay mad at them? Probably, my subconscious had forgiven the person who made me cry. Maybe, other than carrying burden in my heart, I know that the best revenge is be happy and show those people, that no matter how much pain they put on me, my heart is light enough to show genuine smile to every one, and embrace every sunshine in the morning. After weeks of anguish, I must say, I am better now.





A girl named “Hey”

That night when I heard you, I ran towards your direction, with the sweetest smile on my face. I miss this; I miss us.
You said, now you have no one. Your wife left you and that your only son despises you for being a father who he never thought you’ll be. I saw despair in your face and tears lurking in your eyes.  I heard pain thumping from your chest and badly want to curse HIM for taking everything away from you. I saw scars that are badly bleeding again; you’re hurt on the same spot.
I did my very best to comfort you, for you to realize you’re not alone and that no matter how ugly those pain may cause you, I’m here to heal them and treat you well. I was this close on holding you in my arms, but I decided not to move a finger and just relieved your pain with the most beautiful words I can think of. It helped…because I saw that smile in your eyes again. Then you said you’re happy I’m beside you because I’m the only person who understands your agony, the only one whom you can share your pain with. You said I’m different from the other friends you have.  We reminisced the best and worst four years of our lives together. It was indeed one of the best times we had.
We called it a night with a smile in our face and a beam in my heart.
You called me the night few days after we had a talked, sharing me your gloomy tale. This time it’s different.  You had a smile in your face. I never saw your genuine smile for a long time. It scared me. I run towards your direction with a sweet smile on my face, though at the back of my mind i was like “what if they are together again?”, “what if he said he and his family have to leave somewhere far and I’ll never get to see him?”, “what if???…”.
You looked straight into my eyes and whispered something to me. My world stopped when you said…”I no longer love her…because I’m liking someone, though I’m not brave enough to tell it…”. My heart started to beat really fast and it feels like I’m running out of air that it’s so difficult to breathe. “Could this be it? Did HE finally listened and answered my prayers? Could he really be…Could it really be….Is it for real?”.
It was the longest night of my life with you. I never thought it will end that way. Then again, I just
accepted it…
I had tears in my eyes for few nights after we talked. But you’re insensitive enough of my pain. I said to myself over and over…”why not me?? Why can’t I be the biggest mistake of your life??”. It was the most dreaded part of my life and you’re not there to comfort me, simply because you never see me desperately weep and I didn’t allow you to see me that way, thinking you will feel my pain like I feel yours. I loved you but you never see that. Just so you know, you’re selfish as I am. You also took me for granted the way your wife treated you, because I also learned that you really never treat me as a real friend, not even as a confidante…I’m just someone you want to talk to simply because you know I will not criticize you the way other people will; I only realized that when you started calling someone “best” then later on called her “bebs”, and confessed to me that she’s the only one you have and trusted all these time. You made me feel like a doormat; the worst feeling someone will get from the person they value as much as their life.
I heard it again after few weeks. I looked at your direction and saw you heading my way. You smiled at me and I smiled back. I looked deep into your eyes, and simply said “Sorry…my name is not Hey”, then walked away with the sweetest smile on my face.
That’s one good thing I’ve done for myself and it may hurt that much to moving on without you in my life, but I know I deserve better than be called “Hey”.
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David Guetta live in Manila

So the wait is over! After years of ranting, finally there’s a reason to rave, because David Guetta will be here in Manila!

Party goers have been waiting for this and Music Management International will bring him here, live, to grant our wish and dance to DGuetta’s chart topping hits. Some of his songs are Titanium ft. Sia, Toy Friend ft. Afrojack and Wynter Gordon, Memories with Kid Cudi, Without You ft. Usher, Turn me on and Where Them Girls At ft. Nicki Minaj, Getting Over You ft Fergie and LMFAO, Sexy Chick ft. Akon and who can forget his collaboration with Flo Rida in Club Can’t Handle me?! Though there are no news yet if any of these artists will be with him in the big party night, but DJ Alesso will mark the opening for his concert. Sweeet!

Everyone! Mark your calendar on October 10, 2012 at SM Mall Of Asia Arena and doors will be open by 8pm. Ticket prices are: Patron  (Standing) Php 7,920, Lower Box  (Reserved Seats) Php 5,280 and Upper Box  (Free Seating) Php 3,170. Though I think the set-up of the stage and all that, ain’t the same as the events that I usually go to, like the one in World Trade Center, where Tiesto held his concert at or Republiq, so I just wonder how the guys in the bleachers can really dance without minding their space. I guess some would really want, like an open space venue, where the people can have at least a table where they can put their drinks on. Anyways, let’s see!

To learn more about this mind warping event, visit To those who want to get VIP tickets, please contact Charlemagne Lim at 09178334223 or 09228334223. Then for ticket reservation, call 470-2222 or visit