Influence @ Influenster

I was going through my daily task…updating my Instagram account, when something caught my attention: a friend’s picture with a box of seemingly ordinary stash of goodies in a box. I am used in seeing pictures like that in Instgram; people will post whatever new stuff they have, what they had for dinner, lunch or breakfast, or other things expensive or not. What tickled my fancy was the tag #Influenster. I was like… “what the fish is this?? another social media site??” So at times like that, I did nothing but click the hash-tag, browse through their Instagram account, and there, I got my first introduction on what’s the new trend that has 5000 plus followers on it.


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The Mafia’s last dance

Ten days from now, people who really love house and trance music will fall in love again, and for some, it will be a dream come true to watch Swedish House Mafia live. January 16 is the day every party people are waiting for since it was announced last year that the Swedish electronic dance music trio will be here in manila to perform…I was like OH MY GOD!!!

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A new year’s pseudo resolutions list

I am never a fan of coming up with a new year’s resolutions list, after getting disappointed in the past few years since a handful of my list are merely accomplished. For example, I will come up with 10 list of “must do” for a certain year, and let’s say 3 and a half of those are being done. Only 3 and the other half was something I “incidentally” done, which made it to the “It’s fine” list, instead of in the “Good Job” bracket.

However, 2012 gave me something to look forward to this year…a pseudo new year’s resolutions list. I treat it as tricking myself to accomplish things one at a time, for me to reach my main goal. Often times, I write something like “I want to pay my debt” or “I want to travel”, yet only one is being done because I realized, I am the kind of person who needs to break things down to get the business done. So instead of writing everything down on a piece of paper, I utilize my planner well by coming up with daily tasks that will eventually lead me to reaching what I really want to do.

For example, if I say “I want to learn how to cook”, on the first day of the year I have the task to buy a cooking book and read through it…and IT’S A MUST. Then day after that, if I realized that I really want to accomplish learning how to cook, then it’s also going to be my priority to go to the market and buy ingredients to cook. The key thing about my technique is, everything is written down on a paper that will serve as a self agreement that I need to act up on. At the same time, I don’t want to make myself feel pressured about going through the process of checking my resolutions’ list. I treat it as an ice breaker from something I usually do like office stuff, and what more important is, I’ll know for myself if what I am doing is something that I really want to commit in accomplishing and if it makes me really happy.

It’s my yearly goal to finish the list of books I would like to read before I die. So instead of buying every book in my list and ended up reading everything in my death bed, I started buying a book one at a time. Once I finished one book, I treat it as another adventure to hunt down the next author in my list. This will make me get my brown ass up, and search for the book I am craving for, than just picking it up on my shelf. I started that way, and I must say, I’m down with one book for this year…and it’s only the first Friday of 2013. I just need to stick with the process, till I make it a habit. So instead of coming up a list on what I want to accomplish this year, I am more eager to write down things I will be able to, I am about to and was able to accomplished this year. This will be my way to make sure I have reached something, without disappointing myself. Good luck to me..hehehe


Beijing – opening door to tourists without Visa

In hope to increase the tourism industry in Beijing, China, the country’s tourism department started a visa-waiver program which will give tourist a break from the tedious process of visiting the city’s famous landmarks for trips or vacation.

The program will give way to all business travelers and tourists from 45 countries, in which they can visit and stay in Beijing for 72 hours or 3 days, without visa.  Transit passengers from Canada, United States, members of European Union, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, South Korea, Japan and the United Arab Emirates, are just some of the eligible nationalities to take advantage of this program.

January 1, 2013 is the date to mark on the calendar to all qualified tourist, who can visit the famous Forbidden City, experience motor homes show, finest camping facilities and watch plays at Beijing Theatre.  As what the announcement stated that they are allowing, “….foreigners from 45 countries with visas and plane tickets to a third country to transit through Beijing for 72 hours without a visa.” This is indeed a good news for business men and travelers alike, because it will open both ways for China to present their greatest city to the world and diversify business opportunities.

Bad news is, Philippines is not listed in the countries included in the program. There is really no reason to feel bad about it because, still all Filipino travelers can go to Beijing, though they only need to pass the migration office in the airport just like other travelers, and have their Visa approved.


An Encounter with “Authority”

It was another day when I have to rush to the office; my patience was stretched to the limit even before I get to work for several reasons: my food was served late, got stuck on a traffic and I’m late for work. I knew for myself that I just need to shrug things off and start new again with all my best, because my work requires tons of patience for me to get by the day.

The moment I reached the office, the guard in the building lobby told me to stop and wear my shoes…yes! How can I forget that I was still wearing my flip flops on?! I was rushing that much that I tried to ask the guard to just let me pass by this time, so I can wear my formal shoes on when I reached my office space. He said no. I insisted. He yelled at me. I gave in and wore my shoes as what he wanted me to do…then he started scolding at me. That’s it! This means war!

I know it’s bad, but I answered back with the same tone of voice as he was given me. I admit that I yelled at him, just because I don’t know why he have to be rude, even if I’m already doing what he told me to do. I don’t understand why, even if I said “sorry po” with a smile, he still yelled at me. I know my fault, I did what he said, so why he still need to do that? I tried thinking and putting justice on what was done on me.

So I thought:

1. Maybe he also have a bad day, worst than what I have, that’s why he has done that…but is it reasonable?

2. Perhaps it’s his way to show authority, because as a building guard, he needs to make sure that all people going inside the premises is following rules to keep the place secure.

3. Or, it could be that I was not the first person he repremanded for wearing slippers when getting in the building…

Whatever the reason was, I still think that he could have just reported me to the security group where I work at and have my boss talk to me. I like things being done with process.

I then thought of what happened to the “Am a layer” girl, where a viral video shows a female student yelling at security (lady) guard. I didn’t get that far. No video was taken. Whew!

I realized, maybe she was also put on the spot and lost control, which made her say and act like a crazy lass in a public place. There will be instances where we lose control, say bad things to someone, hurt a stranger’s emotion and humiliate ourselves in public. Too bad for her, her side of the story was not revealed.

Educated or not, after what happened today, I completely understand that no matter how hard we try to control ourselves, we still need to be rational and just follow the ethics our company is expecting from us. For people in authority and those who serve the public, ideally those who supposed to keep us safe, should know that being bossy will not earn you respect and fear. I know they have to act tough, but they should understand enough on how treat thier “customers” with manners. A badge and a gun on hand is not enough to gain authority; the world doesn’t just work that way. As for the guard who shouted at me, I got my complaints done…I will let his supervisor do something to him.


Beyonce and Pepsi “Live for Now”

Now is the day to remember, for this is the time when people will be seeing Beyonce’s face printed on Pepsi cans. Beyonce in can…that’s what I thought of when I saw pictures of her face marked on cans, showing her support in the company’s “Live for Now” campaign. This is a smart move, making it appear like a limited edition cans that all Pepsi and music lovers can have.


As the product’s brand ambassador, she was able to snag a deal which worth’s about $50 million dollars! All I can say is…whoaw!! Today, I think Pepsi will be able to come up with a mentality, in which their product will be always associated with Beyonce or the other way around; it will be a breeze for them to achieve this, since she’s not just a Pop star but a businesswoman too, so I think she can really contribute a lot on how to promote the product and reach thier target market.


On one of Beyonce’s interview, she said “Pepsi embraces creativity and understands that artists evolve…As a businesswoman, this allows me to work with a lifestyle brand with no compromise and without sacrificing my creativity.” True enough, I guess it will be a win-win case for both parties…and I mean it will be good for Jay-Z too (*wink*wink*). Beyonce started to endorse Pepsi way back 2002, but only this time she got it big as the face of the company.


Tis’ the season to be sexy, the VS way

Fashion industry will be incomplete without Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2012!


Hail to the fashion lovers, who gets to witness this one of the most waited event of the year, as the VS angels strut and rule the runway in New York City, wearing only the most beautiful lingerie Victoria Secret has created.

Models Adriana Lima, Behati Prinsloo, Barbara Palvin, Joan Smalls, Ieva Laguna, Lily Donaldson, Hilary Rhoda, Karlie Kross and Alessandra Ambrosio were some of the lucky beauties who graced the runway, and were chosen to wear every lady’s dream lingerie…and of course get to have wings to paired up with their sexy look.  Among the handpicked maiden who graced the runway, I must say it’s a good choice to have Alessandra Ambrosio wear and flaunt this years “Fantasy Bra”, which costs about $2.5 million. Someone worthy should really be the one to present it, and Alessandra showed her worth.


Alessandra Ambrosia with the “Multi Dollar Fantasy Bra”

I myself dreamed of being part of VS angel, but since I know that it’s something that I can never EVER achieve, watching the VS angels play in the catwalk is already a dream come true to me! Crazy, but heck, I guess it’s very lady’s dream! I don’t have the bod those angels have anyway. One of the best thing I waited for on the yearly fashion show was the music, as I admire them perfectly walk with the beat of Rihanna’s “Diamond”. Along with the songs the angels strut to are Bruno Mars’ “Young Girl” and Justin Beiber’s famous song “As Long as You Love Me”, performed live on stage.


I was awed as I saw how they started the show with the circus theme…they surely know how to make the whole show a parade of beauties. Again, every model who have their wings on, makes me wish to wear one of those! For that, I would like to commend (as always) on how they put the sketches of the lingerie come to life.

It was glamorous and magical and I am always amazed on how they can keep the glow in the show. Watching the VS fashion show is already written on my bucket list, so I’m praying fervently for me to accomplish it. It’s not just a fashion show, it’s a place where controversies, fashion, music and dreams exist. Can’t wait for next year’s another VS magical moment!


Missed this awesome show? check out or  for the Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2012. Ladies and ladies at heart, fret not because replays will be aired on December 22, 7:30 pm at Velvet Channel. Add this show on your Holiday must see program, because you’ll get to watch it with your family on December 25 and 31 about 5pm and 11pm respectively,  and don’t lose hope because you can start your New Year with glam and glitter, as they replay the show on the first day of January 2013 by 5pm. Experience and re-experience beauty, glam and all the fun in a girl’s world with Victoria Secret Fashion Show. 😀

Learning the act of forgiveness

The past weeks, life has been tough on me.

I missed some events, lost a job, hated my “boss” that I think will last for the rest of my life, almost run out of cash, lost confidence to myself, cried and almost gave up. I know a part of everything that happened to me was my fault. I was so at ease that I thought I can handle everything. Then I lost control. I just can’t bear the fact that I have to cheat and do not put quality on what I was doing in my work then, when it’s something needed in my task. I started writing then, because it’s the only thing I know that’s right thing I can do after working in the office. I stopped writing because I can’t bear the fact that I was despised for not kissing some ass. I knew I have to fight for something, but I was just kicked in the butt after being vocal, for not accepting their ways of managing people and telling them that what they were doing was wrong. That crushed my pride. No one has done that to me…and that made me really frustrated.

On the time of my despair, I cried to my friends…I cried to the guy who always listen to me as I rant every day, telling him that I don’t like to compromise what I should be doing just to please people who barely understand the meaning of the words quality, integrity and work ethics. Every single day of my life then was hell…work was hell for me. When the time where they decided to be out of their lives, I know I should be happy, but what they have done was still unacceptable. No due process happened, just like that…I was stepping out of the office just like that. Then I told myself, I’ll get back on them. I will give justice on what they have done on me. I will make them pay for what they have done to me.

Several weeks after, I got some time to think of everything, what my then boss has done to me, and if I really want to put justice on what they did. I know I will be a coward for backing up and not telling our government of their unjust way of managing their people. Yet, on the other hand, I realized, what I really want was revenge. After some time of talking with some lawyers, friends and other office mates who had full support on me, I know for myself that revenge was something I don’t want to do. 

After learning that there were several of my office mates did already file a case against “her”, I was like “If I do the same thing, what’s in it for me?”. I know for myself the answer: MONEY! However, there’s more than money that I want to get from it, probably get my pride back? Seriously, I don’t know. All I knew that time was I was hurt, my pride was badly hurt and that I want to take revenge on them. But, do I really want them to lose their job and have the chance of not getting employed again? The same thing they have done on me? If I do that, will it make me better than them? or will I be just like them? Then, my nights are restless. So, I prayed.

I know, more than my wallet, my pride and ego was hurt. Right in the middle. Then, I realized, maybe it’s just a way of God teaching me how to be grounded…again. I sure do not want to be like them, so putting everything in court will not make any difference. It will be  just a cycle of pain and revenge between me and the people involved. I told myself, people may call you a coward for not filing the case, but I know I’ve been brave enough for telling in my “boss” face that what they were doing was wrong. I thought about it for a while, and I made a decision, I will leave everything to HIM. That was the thing I didn’t do for quite some time, trust HIM. Now, I just smile and said, “She’s all yours”

Almost two months had past, and I’ve been pretty particular with the company to work for. Money does matter, but integrity, team work, respect and values are priceless. I now have a new job as an IT Analyst. Pretty new and challenging for me. I must admit that I’ve been busy with venturing to another place to find my niche, so I forgot how was it to be angry at my “ex-boss”. I started putting some more activities in my calendar, like having a photo walk with my guy, meeting people I haven’t seen for a while and watching movies or TV series with my friends in my humble place. I let HIM take care of my anger and pain, as I move on with my life. That’s how I learned what forgiveness really is.

Sometimes, It’s never enough to say “I forgive you”, I learned that I really have to do something about it. There are more important things than pampering the pain in the heart. There are people in my life who keeps on showing me how valuable I am, no matter how f*cked up my life is. There are wonderful sights to see, and places to be. So why stay mad at them? Probably, my subconscious had forgiven the person who made me cry. Maybe, other than carrying burden in my heart, I know that the best revenge is be happy and show those people, that no matter how much pain they put on me, my heart is light enough to show genuine smile to every one, and embrace every sunshine in the morning. After weeks of anguish, I must say, I am better now.





A peek at Billboard’s charts

Yes, you love the sound of 80’s and you’ve dance in the tune of the latest dance craze by PSY. But you’re craving for more and have this urge for you to re-vamp your playlist in your iPod or download more songs, so I took a quick tour in the “what’s hot” on the Billboard list, taking the chance that it will help you in scouting new songs that you will fall in love to.

So let me cut the crap and give you some of the top 10 list in the Billboard site for week of October 13 of this year. Here it goes:

Billboard’s Top 10 of Hot 100 songs of the week:
TOP 1: One More Night – Maroon 5 (from the album Overexposed)
2: Gangnam Style – Psy
3: Some Nights – fun. (from the album Some Nights)
4: We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together – Taylor Swift
5: Blow Me (One Last Kiss) – P!nk
6: As Long As You Love Me – Justin Bieber feat. Big Sean
7: Begin Again – Taylor Swift
8: Whistle – Flo Rida
9: Too Close – Alex Clare
10: Good Time – Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen (from the album Good Time)

Billboard’s Top 10 of On-Demand songs of the week:
TOP 1: One More Night – Maroon 5
2: Gangnam Style – PSY
3: Mercy – Kanye West, Big Sean, Pusha T, 2 Chainz
4: Some Nights – fun.
5: Call Me Maybe – Carly Rae Jepsen
6: Lights – Ellie Goulding
7: As Long As You Love Me – Justin Bieber feat. Big Sean
8: Whistle – Flo Rida
9: Too Close – Alex Clare
10: Good Time – Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen

Billboard’s Top 10 of Digital Songs (top-downloaded songs across all genres) of the week:
TOP 1: Begin Again – Taylor Swift
2: Gangnam Style – PSY
3: Die Young – Ke$ha
4: One More Night – Maroon 5
5: We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together – Taylor Swift
6: Some Nights – fun.
7: Diamonds – Rihanna
8: Too Close – Alex Clare
9: Finally Found You – Enrique Iglesias Featuring Sammy Adams
10: Whistle – Flo Rida

There are more to see in the Billboard’s website, such as top music charts, album reviews, latest news and videos in the music scene. Other than that, take a quick tour on the Billboard Archives, to check out albums that made it in the top from 1940’s to 2012. Lastly, let me present you, number 6 on Billboard’s top YouTube song, One More Night by Maroon 5: