Taylor Lautner: from California to EDSA

Another day had passed and I was on my way home when I was stunned at a billboard in EDSA: there was Taylor Lautner, and he was like greeting everyone “GOOD MORNING MANILA”, on his fit tees, gorgeous bod and look that makes ladies go gaga. There he is, posing as a new ad model for Bench. Good catch for this one Mr. Ben Chan!


It was July 19 this week, when Bench officially announced on their Twitter account that the Twilight hunk will be their Global Benchsetter, among other big names in the music industry like Adam Lavine and Jessica Sanchez. Some other international stars once graced the billboard in one of the busiest road in the city were Liam Hemsworth, Lucy Hale, Micheal Travino, and Joe Jonas.

According to ABS-CBN News site, the campaign was shot by Anthony Mandler, photographer, TV commercial and music video director. I guess all Bench and Taylor Lautner fans are just hoping for him to visit Manila soon.


D Beckham has done it again!

After being the man of Calvin Klein, David Beckham have hundreds of ways to make ladies, and ladies at heart, be wowed and suffer from hyperventilation, every time he poses as a model for a certain underwear brand. This time, I can see him run, swim and pant in an advertisement for H&M…wearing nothing but, oh well his great lean bod and an underwear!

David worked with Guy Richie, the director behind Sherlock Holmes movies and Snatch, to create a campaign for H&M Bodywear. I must say, for someone who’s on his late 30’s, David know how to really present himself in public and be one of the most effective promoter for a clothing line whether that be for Shirts, pants, undergarments or shoes…of course, everyone’s fave is him wearing nothing but his undergarments on. For this 1 minute and 29 seconds ad, shows David running in some streets in Los Angeles, and my eyes got widened on the part where he needs to fix some parts of his underwear before chasing the car again! I hope this ad will also make real guys feel good to have a pair of undergarments from H&M.

Here’s the ad every D Beckham’s fan has been waiting for…breathe in…breathe out

Tis’ the season to be sexy, the VS way

Fashion industry will be incomplete without Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2012!


Hail to the fashion lovers, who gets to witness this one of the most waited event of the year, as the VS angels strut and rule the runway in New York City, wearing only the most beautiful lingerie Victoria Secret has created.

Models Adriana Lima, Behati Prinsloo, Barbara Palvin, Joan Smalls, Ieva Laguna, Lily Donaldson, Hilary Rhoda, Karlie Kross and Alessandra Ambrosio were some of the lucky beauties who graced the runway, and were chosen to wear every lady’s dream lingerie…and of course get to have wings to paired up with their sexy look.  Among the handpicked maiden who graced the runway, I must say it’s a good choice to have Alessandra Ambrosio wear and flaunt this years “Fantasy Bra”, which costs about $2.5 million. Someone worthy should really be the one to present it, and Alessandra showed her worth.


Alessandra Ambrosia with the “Multi Dollar Fantasy Bra”
from http://www.cbsnews.com/2300-207_162-10014479-15.html

I myself dreamed of being part of VS angel, but since I know that it’s something that I can never EVER achieve, watching the VS angels play in the catwalk is already a dream come true to me! Crazy, but heck, I guess it’s very lady’s dream! I don’t have the bod those angels have anyway. One of the best thing I waited for on the yearly fashion show was the music, as I admire them perfectly walk with the beat of Rihanna’s “Diamond”. Along with the songs the angels strut to are Bruno Mars’ “Young Girl” and Justin Beiber’s famous song “As Long as You Love Me”, performed live on stage.


I was awed as I saw how they started the show with the circus theme…they surely know how to make the whole show a parade of beauties. Again, every model who have their wings on, makes me wish to wear one of those! For that, I would like to commend (as always) on how they put the sketches of the lingerie come to life.

It was glamorous and magical and I am always amazed on how they can keep the glow in the show. Watching the VS fashion show is already written on my bucket list, so I’m praying fervently for me to accomplish it. It’s not just a fashion show, it’s a place where controversies, fashion, music and dreams exist. Can’t wait for next year’s another VS magical moment!

PFVS2 - httptv.yahoo.comphotos2012-victoria-s-secret-fashion-show-slideshow2012-victoria-s-secret-fashion-show-runway-photo--564347561.html

Missed this awesome show? check out http://www.cbs.com or http://www.cbs.com/shows/victorias_secret  for the Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2012. Ladies and ladies at heart, fret not because replays will be aired on December 22, 7:30 pm at Velvet Channel. Add this show on your Holiday must see program, because you’ll get to watch it with your family on December 25 and 31 about 5pm and 11pm respectively,  and don’t lose hope because you can start your New Year with glam and glitter, as they replay the show on the first day of January 2013 by 5pm. Experience and re-experience beauty, glam and all the fun in a girl’s world with Victoria Secret Fashion Show. 😀

DHL is “Delivering the runway to the world”

DHL is knows as the “world market leader in sea and air mail” and they are not only popular for international shipments, because now, they also deliver a comprehensive updates about the ins and outs of the fashion industry. As the official Logistics partner of Fashion Week, they started bringing  recent “talk about’s” in the Fashion Week events and present different designer’s collection to the world, in a click of a finger.

Checking out their website at www.dhl.com/fashionweek, we all get to see glamour and elegance as designers from Lady Vivienne Westwood to Alexander Wang conquer the world. We’ll get to witness how fashion week was graced in some fashion capital of the world, like New York, Paris, London, Milan and Mumbai.

Also, like their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/FashionWeekBackstage, to get recent whereabouts on the latest trends, be impressed and ogle on different designs that will give us inspiration on our own fashion tastes.

Other than fashion, DHL also provide news trends about F1 or Formula 1 race, Volvo Ocean Race, Manchester United and Gewandhaus Orchestra. Now, DHL does not just deliver goods and provide significant contributions in the logistic industry, they also make sure that they deliver news and updates that will fit every person’s lifestyle.

Plains&Prints presents: CLEARANCE SALE!

Who says being classy and chic needs to be expensive?

Hold on to your purses and plastic cards, as Plains and Prints opens for a clearance sale, by tomorrow, September 28 t0 30. They specializes in casual to smart-casual tops, bottoms, and dresses for women in the 25 to 35 age bracket, so all you office girls out there need not to be stuck wearing usual-boring pencil cut and top look, when you can be fashionable everyday, specially if you don’t have to wear a uniform.

Now is the time to change your wardrobe, and run to #117 Sct. Lazcano St., near Tomas Morato, Quezon City, from 11 AM – 8 PM. Get up to 70% off on selected items, and still same some cash for more treats. Short of cash? You can also use your credit card, for they also accept major credit cards on the sale event. Like their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/plainsandprints or know more about Plains and Prints at www.plainsandprints.com/.

McQ, Nina Ricci, Stella McCartney and Valentino is now a click away

Online shopping has never been this luxurious, as Club 21 Global eShop let you choose the best designs for special occasions or just for daily outfit. Unleash your true sense of fashion as you shop for the exquisite brands in the world, in the comfort of your home.

Club21 is an online shop which caters formal and casual wears, as well as accessories like bags, belts and shoes from prominent designs, such as McQ by Alexander McQueen, Nina Ricci, Paul Smith and Velentino, to name the 32 brands available that you can choose from. Club 21 is also the leader in the luxury fashion market, in which they are managing over 30 brands and operating more than 200 stores worldwide, thus they guarantee their products  100% genuine and direct from the designers.

Club21 eShop is now shipping items in Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and Philippines. What even great is, when you’ve been part of the Club 21 Membership, you’ll get to enjoy faster checkout by saving your address information and access to your order history. Furthermore, participating in Club 21 Member Program get you to earn points toward a 3% rebate and a suite of lifestyle privileges. Other than placing your order online, you can also place your order over the phone, by calling their Customer Service team at 1 800 1651 0572 or at 6232 8673. Register, sign in and start shopping at http://eshop.club21global.com or you can email them at CustomerService@Club21Global.com for more information.

Hot Ticket #5

Here’s a treat for those who’s into daily fashion.

Check out their street style.

My blog, your style.

Name: Izzy

School: La Salle, College of St.Benilde

Style: Black razor back shirt, blue belt, denim cropped pants and  slippers. She’s also into sporty outfit.

Favorite accessories: tattoos and pierces.

Most of us wear clothes which will make us feel comfortable, and Izzy is not an exemption. There’s a reason why she’s on my hot ticket list and it’s not because of her high heel shoes or her uber pretty dress, but this time, she’s in her most comfortable attire: her attitude. Her best accessories are her tattoo, pierces in her lip, tounge and ears. When I asked her what her tattoo signifies, she said it always remind her of Jesus as a friend, not someone who will judge her in every thing that she do, unlike some people around her. She has gone and still going through tough times, that sometimes leads her to depression, but with Jesus in her side, she know she’ll be fine.

At the age of 18, she does not only get to manage thier family business, but she’s also into mixed martial arts, like Muay Thai. She may be a rebel, but she did not resist learning. For her, sometimes formal learning, such as going to school is not enough to face life. As what she said, it is essential to be street smart and that there are things which are not enough to be learned, but one have to apply in life, like putting value in one’s work, respect one’s passion and learning to be open in other people’s opinion. She’s thinks mature for her age, and she have words for those who said she ain’t going to reach anything in her life: “screw those who said I can’t”

Hot Ticket #4

Here’s a treat for those who’s into daily fashion.

Check out their street style.

My blog, your style.

Name: Benj Manio

Profession: Quality Representative

What fashion should be: Minimalist but sexy.

His look: Folded and Hung black skinny jeans, leather jacket bought at Singapore, earth colored plaid and Kenneth Cole blue watch

The snake skin like texture in his jacket, accentuate his look.

This blue watch is a good accessory to his all black look

Benj’s been working as a Quality Representative for 7 months now and he’s fairly new in the industry, but it’s not his first to be adventurous in fashion. He’s been attending “Philippine Fashion Week” for years and studies in a fashion school in Ortigas. Whenever there are girls wanting to glam up and ooomph their look, he’s the one they look for and seek advise to. He recently join the Metro magazine search for a stylist and he got his two fingers crossed and praying he’ll make it. I’m really thankful because he’s as excited as I am, that he even damn pose for me! 😀

Hot Ticket #3

Here’s a treat for those who’s into daily fashion.

Be inspired.

My blog, your style.

Name: Nicole

School: University of the Philippines – Los Banos, Laguna

Favorite Boutique:  Tomato

Her look: Top from Flee Shop, denim shorts and pink flats.

Floral printed top she got from a flee store, which costs about P100

Silver necklace she got as a gift from her Mom.

Now she’s with her Dad in Illinois and the first thing she did was buy a pink brush set at Forever21. She likes Katy Perry and other than her songs, of course she likes her fashion sense as well. The girl that likes Pink and misses her babies, a pug named Mojo and Chloe, her pugapoo.

*erratum: she’s wearing a white gold necklace, not a silver necklace. 😀