Yes..I am ALIVE!

It’s been a while since I get to write again…months had passed that I even forgot my password to log in!

Glad I was able to remember everything (thanks to the forgot password link too!) and share what has happened the past few months. I know few might care, and so do I! (bitch mode over here…excuuuse me! lolx). So what has gotten into me? I made a quick run through the stuff that made me busy and here’s my list to share what I have on my own online journal:


I am employed, thank God for that, but it didn’t really stopped me from getting more than what I earn. I started reading more articles about how to save up to start a small business and was able to start it. It was rough, and until now, I’m struggling to get my “mini business” out in the market. Do I want to make it big? Of course I would. Though I need to prep up for more disappointments and learn from several mistakes I have done and still doing. Am I getting good in the business industry? I hope so. Few more months to check though.


Half true, and half not. I would like to think that my job is the culprit why I cannot write that often in my blog. And yes, it’s the best excuse I can think of right now. I have some numbers to keep up and it’s part of my daily task to tame people down when they are getting blue screen of death on their machines. It’s tiring, and after work, all I want to do is wind up and probably watch some baloney video at YouTube…just to unload some stress in my body. It’s a daily routine and it’s starting to kill me…hence, this article is being done.


That’s right! I am a contributor to another local travel blog, that makes me share my experiences with new places, diners and other things travellers or tourist would like to know about my country. It’s a fun thing to do. So if someone here reading my update is interested what that is, check out Pinoy Travel Blog.

I miss this. I miss putting all might thoughts together and read through it sometimes. I wish I could write more often. No excuses and just getting down to the real thing.


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