On Common Manners

If I’m going to start a business and sell “Common Manners” in the market, I’ll either be in the brink of “debt of death” or, I could be a millionaire and beat Lucio Tan in the bun!

For what ever reason, in this generation where advance technology is the steering wheel of every nation to progress, fashion is reachable to people, information is easily attained and talk is cheap, a lot of people are missing out one thing – to have common manners.

That’s the downside of every growth in one’s life. Everything improved, except manners. I don’t know if it has something to do with our society, like people are being dictated to be rude most of the time. At one point or another, most people care more about their feelings, like being selfless is an heroic act. For some, being kind is a sign of weakness, that’s why they take it for granted. Is that how demented people can get? Is the world so cruel that the media have to swarm over a simple life’s story to inspire others? Is life that hard to handle at these times, that some have to treat others hard too? Or maybe, we are overwhelmed with information everywhere that we got lost track on how to be caring and even lost self-respect?

There were few instances where I witnessed where common manners are not that common anymore. Like the industry I am working at right now. My job requires me to be polite, no matter how hot headed the person I’m dealing with, I have to deal with their frustrations and give them the real deal. The thing is, some people just don’t know that the person they are dealing with on the other line have feelings as well. Another was when I am listening to a call, and rated the person’s performance in how he managed to assist and resolved one’s cable TV’s issue. They were both based in the US. My representative has done a great job on managing a user’s frustration. His tone matched the words “please” or “I apologize” every time he said it; I just know he was polite and was sorry about the issues they are having. The rep reached out and tried his best to help. Worst part of the story, the cable user just said “You never will understand me! you just sit on your f*c*king chair and do nothing”. I felt bad for my representative, but I gave him a commendation for keeping his composure after being cursed over the phone. He can mess up with someone’s account. But he remained ethical and respect his job when someone doesn’t.

Articles all over the web, through newspapers, magazines and thick books can provide every single soul different ways on how to show common manners. Step by step. Different ways for different folks and culture. I am just hoping it’s that effective. By the looks of it, I guess it’s either people are more interested on what diet their favorite celebrity is going through, than take some time for self evaluation and learn how to be a little appreciative. Because every day, people show less of good manners and respect to others.

I would like to conclude that lack of common manners could be the reason why there are people who don’t think twice in hurting others. Saying words like “thank you”, “please” and “I’m sorry” are priceless, ideally when one really means it. Regardless one’s culture and religion, impoliteness and being insensitive can be contagious; rage most of the time take over us and our diploma. Our salary pay will never be good enough to justify why we have to act rude to anyone…like ANYONE!  As what the Ethic of Reciprocity says, “what you’ve done to others, can be done unto you” or in layman’s term, don’t just shit on someone, if you don’t want anyone shitting on you! Practice proper ethics and start sharing it while it’s for free…unless you really want to make someone’s wallet fat by teaching it.

Common manners for sale. Anyone care to buy?



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