V-date at UP Grounds Diliman

February is indeed a love month, and for some, it’s the time to think of ways on how and where to spend Valentine’s day with their love ones. I’ll say, break the fine dining set-up, or a night at the hotel because for the past few years, single or not, I have to share to you guys my way of spending V-day without totally ruining my budget. To all who are planning a special night to spend on the all-love-day, you guys may want to include this on your must do on February list. This is the time of the year where I embrace youth again and be part of the UP Fair 2013 at the Diliman Sunken Garden inside the campus.

What’s so sweet about it? well, aside from great bands reigning the stage and serenade me the whole night, it’s the most affordable way of spending a night with my special someone. This is a night where I only have to be me and rock the night out. All you have to bring is a picnic basket (a grocery bag with chips and some biscuits will do), picnic cloth to sit on (tell you what, a neat used huge paper boxes or cartons where you can fit your ass is all good), don’t forget your love for the music and your love ones, to make sure it’s a well spent night. Well boys, you have to make sure that your girl will at least appreciate underground rock music or anything within that genre, like alternative rock and such, so for it to be a two way fun for you guys. Let me share then the list of bands to grace the UP fair nights at Diliman campus, starting February 12 – 16:

UP Fair

On the 14th of February, the list of bands who are about to perform that night will be Up Dharma Down, Kamikazee, Moonstar88, Giniling Festival, Franco, Joop, Anton and the Salvadors, Lights in Transit, Stomachine, Urduja and a lot more! Check out their Facebook page as well to get the list of the performers every night. Mark your calendar now. This is the event that opens to all music lovers, embraces youth, values education, admits people from different generations, who wants to sway the night away, with their family, friends, love ones and those who are finding their other half. Kitakits!!!


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