Pages to fill this 2013

For whatever reason, nowadays, people are eager to have a planner and are excited to fill the pages with “must do”, “must see”, “must haves”, “must taste” and other “must” anyone can think of. Though I’ll say, for someone who needs a planner and started when I had my first job, it is a commitment and a practice to stick to what you really planned for. I am pretty bad with “sticking with my plans”. I am an avid fan of unplanned events and other unexpected twists in life, while keeping my time in place. Then the evolution of my planner to a journal con diary happened.

At this generation, where “coffee lovers” appeared to be vehement on completing stickers by buying as many caffeine as they can consume in a month, to get a limited edition planner. I can proudly say, that I was not that eager anymore compared to the days where there were literally few who owns one. I started in 2005 and I do have a yearly Starbucks planner, which I use as my “tweeter” for years, since it’s their pages where I have written snippets of ideas throughout the year. Right now, I must say I feel sorry for not being adventurous in searching for my “thoughts keeper”. Here is my personal list of planner I should have used for this year and highly recommend:

5. Belle de Jour Power Planner – It is a planner-journal that caters women on the go and do have an active social lifestyle. The best part: yearlong coupons!! This is something I want to keep my hands on someday.


4. 2013 Filed Doodle Planner – Here’s the one on my list that my hands can’t get rid of…a planner/journal/free pages that I can draw 😀 I guess it’s the planner for all that have hearts for arts. The best part is, there are still some blog sites that give away Filed goodies…the awesome org behind the doodle planner. Check out this blog for the mechanics on how to get a taste of Filed products this month:


3. Transformation Day Planner 2013 – I have read several of Paulo Coelho’s book. When I saw this planner at National Bookstore I thought “I hope they still have another of this next year…” 😦 It has inspirational quotes and it really help in looking for positive outlook in life.

Paulo Coelho

2. Navi Planner – So perhaps this is another planner that caught my attention. It’s simple and for someone who really want to make this a meaningful year. What I like about it is a part there where they have 101 steps to do this year, which will spice someone’s life and is indeed life changing.


1. Moleskine 2013 Le Petit Prince Large Weekly Planner+Notes – I may be a little bias but when I saw a blog post about this, I fall in love! I have read The Little Prince when I was in 2nd grade, in our grade school library and read it again few months after when my mama brought me with her in a German language school she was attending to. That’s when my love for books started to grew stronger. Before writing anything to my current green planner, I tried searching for this planner in my area, but to no avail, it’s something I can’t find anywhere. Well, hopes high again for next year’s quest to get this!


For those who haven’t have planner yet for this year, it’s not really required to have one, but if you want to have one and start to have a passion in writing, it’s not too late. A week may already pass, though I hope my top 5 list would help one lost soul to decide. Am I sad with what my planner this year? I’d say no, since I only spend less than a thousand to get it! Credits to my friends who “helped” me out. Hehehe. Hopes are high that next year I’ll get a better planner and perhaps one of the top 5 I listed here.


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