Influence @ Influenster

I was going through my daily task…updating my Instagram account, when something caught my attention: a friend’s picture with a box of seemingly ordinary stash of goodies in a box. I am used in seeing pictures like that in Instgram; people will post whatever new stuff they have, what they had for dinner, lunch or breakfast, or other things expensive or not. What tickled my fancy was the tag #Influenster. I was like… “what the fish is this?? another social media site??” So at times like that, I did nothing but click the hash-tag, browse through their Instagram account, and there, I got my first introduction on what’s the new trend that has 5000 plus followers on it.


Checking out, it’s pretty neat, yet for newbies like me, it will get you hooked up on clicking on each links and read users reviews of products…yes! it’s a site where people get to read, watch and learn more about how a product works before getting their hands on it. I think what’s great about this is, real people get to write down and share what’s good or bad with a product. They are not paid ones who are to write only the good things about a certain thing. When I clicked on Reviews on the upper right hand of the web page, I was more amazed to see that Influenster members write reviews about books, games, booze, beauty products, places, food, gadgets, pets stuff and even television shows!


This is pretty tempting, but before I jump right in and join the bandwagon, I spare some time reading more about it. I went through the About Us page, and there I learned more about Influenster. Let me reiterate that this is not a place for hoarder, those who just want to get something for free or like what they say those who like to “mooch”. It is a place to influence and share. I think this is where consumers get their voice heard and producers have to read if they want to stay in business. There are badges to earn and challenges to win, so I don’t want people to think that if they review a product and post it, they will get monetary value or something like that in return.

Mind you all who are tempted to sign on now, though signing on is for free, unlike other social media sites like Tweeter or Facebook, one must request an invite first to be part of their society. I think it’s better to contact them first before signing on. I think this is pretty fetch for a site that started in 2010, and I am hoping that they will open their door soon in Asia, like the Philippines 😀


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