The Mafia’s last dance

Ten days from now, people who really love house and trance music will fall in love again, and for some, it will be a dream come true to watch Swedish House Mafia live. January 16 is the day every party people are waiting for since it was announced last year that the Swedish electronic dance music trio will be here in manila to perform…I was like OH MY GOD!!!


I may be a late bloomer, since I started listening to house and trance music in 2008. Though that did not make me feel left behind with the ins and outs of the genre, and who really is to listen to and party for. Though I must say, it’s just the right time, since Steve Angello, Maxwell and Sebastian Ingrosso started a group and made a “melody” using thier disc console. After 4 years together in the industry, they publicly announce that they will no longer be together as team in playing trance in parties. It happened last year of June 24. That’s why when I heard that they will be together again for a tour, I thought they will be together again as a team, but it was confirmed it will be their last project together, hence “The Last Tour” concert.


I am glad to know that Ovation Productions helped in getting them to perform here in the Philippines, since the trance genre seems to be paving its way to everyone’s playlist, that the usual pop and R&B songs. Swedish House Mafia will perform at Mall of Asia Arena by 9:00pm, and since the announcement last year of November, a lot of fans already got their ticket. The ticket is a bit costly…oh well, it is expensive, but if it’s for a great night with best DJs playing on the stage, I know it’s worth it.

Check out and get your ticket now!

Check out and get your ticket now!

Right now, I am hoping for a miracle to happen so I can be part of this huge event in the House music industry. For one, the date falls on weekdays and I don’t want to be out for work since I have a commitment that if my boss did not allow me on leave, I will not be absent for this. It’s an event that I don’t think I will get the chance to attend to again, so I am holding on to God’s hands to make me experience this one awesome night. So when a friend told me, “I don’t know any of their songs…”, I was like “are you kidding me??? You have lots of house music on your playlist, but not Swedish Mafia??”

Oh well, here’s one that might remind you of them…HAVE FUN and SPREAD LOVE!

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