Tiesto and Marcel Woods vs PSY Mash-up

I was having this conversation with a friend, when he shared me this link which he said, “will take your stress away”.

After 3 minutes and 40 seconds, this made me really want to dance the rodeo moves. If you’re into trance like me, put a good vibes mood in Oppa Gangnam Style craze, as Tirgan Oganezov and Burzhuy mash it up with Tiesto and Marcel Woods “Don’t Ditch”, thus with the title “Don’t Ditch the Gangnam Style”. I guess not everyone can’t get rid of this another infectious song, that they made a good twist to it and justify why it’s still fun to dance this song. For those who created this, 5 stars for you guys!!

Like it or not, I know you’ll enjoy the video! 😀


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