Buy 1, get free 1 Javakula at SBC

Here’s a treat to all Seattle’s Best Coffee drinkers, buy 1 Javakula and get another one for free.

Starting Monday, September 24 to 28, bring your special someone or a friend for a treat, without spending much, as you pay for a price of one for 2 Javakula. This treat is open to everyone from 10am to 2pm, when you buy any size or variant of Javakula drink, for you to get the same drink of equal or lesser value. This is another best treat only Seattle’s Best can give. Some Javakula variants you might want to try are Double Chocolate Mint Javakula, Chai Tea Javakula and Brownie Javakula.

Just visit Seattle’s Best Coffee’s website at or like their Facebook page at to know more treats and other promos. You can also visit the nearest SBC store near you, to learn more about the special offer.


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