Hot Ticket #5

Here’s a treat for those who’s into daily fashion.

Check out their street style.

My blog, your style.

Name: Izzy

School: La Salle, College of St.Benilde

Style: Black razor back shirt, blue belt, denim cropped pants and  slippers. She’s also into sporty outfit.

Favorite accessories: tattoos and pierces.

Most of us wear clothes which will make us feel comfortable, and Izzy is not an exemption. There’s a reason why she’s on my hot ticket list and it’s not because of her high heel shoes or her uber pretty dress, but this time, she’s in her most comfortable attire: her attitude. Her best accessories are her tattoo, pierces in her lip, tounge and ears. When I asked her what her tattoo signifies, she said it always remind her of Jesus as a friend, not someone who will judge her in every thing that she do, unlike some people around her. She has gone and still going through tough times, that sometimes leads her to depression, but with Jesus in her side, she know she’ll be fine.

At the age of 18, she does not only get to manage thier family business, but she’s also into mixed martial arts, like Muay Thai. She may be a rebel, but she did not resist learning. For her, sometimes formal learning, such as going to school is not enough to face life. As what she said, it is essential to be street smart and that there are things which are not enough to be learned, but one have to apply in life, like putting value in one’s work, respect one’s passion and learning to be open in other people’s opinion. She’s thinks mature for her age, and she have words for those who said she ain’t going to reach anything in her life: “screw those who said I can’t”


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