I thought, I thought of something…

After several weeks, i’m back. There are some things in my mind that just stagnate and i let it be that way…my bad.

What i feel right now is somehow annoying and it’s everything of anything!

I dont want my job but i have no choice but to keep it; even my reasons for staying aren’t enough to keep me still making me think of other more reasons to stay, funny is i never run out of it and even the most nonsense one mark a point for me…pathetic….

Pathetic and i know i am but i don’t mind at all at this time. Even the most luckiest person in world find his or herself pathetic at one point of his or her life. It makes me more human.

What makes me more of a human are the endless pain. and happiness from simple things in life. It’s where i get to learn more things; so who ever says after earning a degree, a masters or the highest recognition of learning, someone has to stop learning. Acceptance from lack of ignorance is the most rewarding thing in the world. If one does refused continuous learning, that’s the most nastiest thing ever!

It’s nasty when employees tend to kiss their employers’ ass thinking they will be promoted without doing less and more…well, ass kissing. Who ever thought of that, invented that or came up with that, definitely has nothing in his life right now but riches that can be taken away from him in a snap…hello!!! GOD DO EXIST!!

What made me say that God exist? If you believe that someone out there made that computer you’re using right now, then think who made you’re heart that’s beating right now…who made you’re parent’s heart and your parents’ parent’s heart? Someone out there is just an ultimate creator, and I believe in my creator, for He’s the one I know that dominates my heart.

Heart could be the most sensitive part of one’s body. I think that if all human will not use their heart, we’re all zombies by then! Do i really need to be scientific here?? i mean, even, “the rock” once had a broken heart and made him cry.

Cry…cry…that’s all left for me to do at the end of every day…hais.

**Reposting an entry from my blogspot, Wednesday, February 25, 2009.


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