Hot Ticket #4

Here’s a treat for those who’s into daily fashion.

Check out their street style.

My blog, your style.

Name: Benj Manio

Profession: Quality Representative

What fashion should be: Minimalist but sexy.

His look: Folded and Hung black skinny jeans, leather jacket bought at Singapore, earth colored plaid and Kenneth Cole blue watch

The snake skin like texture in his jacket, accentuate his look.

This blue watch is a good accessory to his all black look

Benj’s been working as a Quality Representative for 7 months now and he’s fairly new in the industry, but it’s not his first to be adventurous in fashion. He’s been attending “Philippine Fashion Week” for years and studies in a fashion school in Ortigas. Whenever there are girls wanting to glam up and ooomph their look, he’s the one they look for and seek advise to. He recently join the Metro magazine search for a stylist and he got his two fingers crossed and praying he’ll make it. I’m really thankful because he’s as excited as I am, that he even damn pose for me! 😀


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