Not your ordinary cup of tea…


If you’re a fan of this famous tea store in the metro, you definitely know what I’m talking about! For those who heard it for the first time, this is where people enjoy their Hokkaido Milk Tea, Minty Choco Milk Tea, Frost series tea and 10 sinkers mixed in their drink…well, let me introduce or reintroduce to you Serenitea.

They’ve started December of 2008, and now they have opened their 18th branch at Space 7&8 G/F Bonifacio One Technology Tower, 3030 Rizal Drive West Corner 31st St. Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. Well, from St. Lukes Hospital Taguig, you just have to walk or drive to the 31st St., and thier store is just beside BPI bank, across the Pancake House and First Bus stop from Kalayaan. They’ve started thier soft opening on July 15 of this year, and hell, my officemates who really introduced Serenitea in our workplace are really excited that we have to check the store for a week to see if it has opened. Now, it’s open to the public so tea lovers and those who pretends that they love tea because it’s the latest fad, well, here’s a new place where you get to enjoy what you love the most – customizing your tea, making it not an average blant one.

Checking out the place, it’s as comely as their other store…well aside from the one in Eastwood (hehehe). It’s green and cream colored store is really inviting, because the interior of the place itself is really cozy. Just like any other Serenitea store, they have limited seats and few tables, where one can spend or kill time at.

One thing I like this latest fad is aside from they make and serve high quality of freshly brewed tea, it’s really a healthy alternative for sodas, coffee and calorie-packed smoothies. Teas has proven it’s self to be one of the healthiest drink, and Serenitea is serving it in a fun and refreshing way. At Serenity BGC, they haven’t said when will be the grand opening, but one of thing that every fan should look forward to is on their grand day, they will upgrade your large drink to jumbo for free!

Check out their website at and like thier facebook page at So all you guys who work within St.Lukes Taguig or 31st St., or just anybody who happened to drop by the area, give yourself a break from your ordinary drink and treat yourself for a cup of Serenitea. For first timers, there’s nothing to fear because you can ask for their best seller from the store manager 😉


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