Rush much?!

It’s been like eon since I rode the MRT(Metro Rail Transit) in a rush hour, and I must say, It’s hell as ever…or worst. I regretted my decision of turning my back at the bus and join a huge wave of zombie-like-people who only care about going home. Maybe all of them, or us, are thinking of the same thing, be home and just call it a day.

I know that maybe most of us wants to go home, or that we’re all just avoiding the heavy traffic or maybe some have something really important to go to and taking the train will cut the travel hours in half; yet, how hard is it to stand in line and wait for our turn? and is it really that necessary to push someone just for you to get in the train? C’mon! No one at that time thought about the old lady near the train’s door, who I think even dropped something just because she’s being pushed around by the people who want to take the hell like ride. Where did all their respects gone?

It was once said by Jeremy Aldana, blogger and an author, “It’s not so much the journey that’s important; as is the way that we treat those we encounter and those around us, along the way”, and sad to say, commuters don’t really get to give and earn respect to others. What’s worst is, one have to act like an animal to survive the street and made it home. Respect I think is a thing in one’s past and all gone and one need not to take a public metro train to see one’s lack of respect to someone. I know it is exhausting to pay someone respect ideally if it’s the role one have to play in their respective job, but please, that’s something shouldn’t be left somewhere and pick it up whenever needed.

Now I remember why the post-office travel to my  place is really a pain in the boo-boo. No one pays respect for themselves and we’re starting to be selfish enough, that we even don’t know how to give respect to others. If someone thought of pushing someone, not letting an elderly sit when needed and sometimes shouting and picking a fight are just ways for you to be safe home, damn! Think again.

Commuting may be a daily ritual for all of us, but with the right respect to people around us, having sense of responsibility and a lot more common sense, I know we’ll be all safe home at the end of the day.

I learned my lesson well, and unless I really have something important to go to and all’s left in me is constrained time, I’d rather take the bus on my way home, than be squeezed and be crushed inside a train!


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