Kuppa coffee and more

Me and my friends are always looking forward for Fridays to come, because that’s the moment where we get to start our weekend. Who wouldn’t want to start it with a stress free day and just chill somewhere else, talk about stuff we don’t really discuss at the office and simply have fun?

I’m lucky to find three lovely ladies, who are as adventurous as me, when it comes to trying out stores, and we bumped into a store which is not really familiar in a “Manilenyo’s” eyes. Then came Kuppa in our lives.

Kuppa Taguig

We actually thought that it could be just another posh restaurant, but we’re pretty surprise to see that it’s a coffee shop.

Inside Kuppa

They named the store “Kuppa”, which is a slang term for “cup of” coffee or tea (like when some say “I want a “kuppa” coffee black please”), which is founded by Karen Tsai.

As of the moment, they only have one Kuppa branch here in Taguig City. The coffee shop is well known in Bacolod, and there they had 3 branches already.

Since it was my second time to stay at Kuppa, I must say I’ve already fallen in love in the store’s laid back ambiance and it really feels like a place to be worry free and just be me.

I’ve already tried their Iced Choco Banana Latte and Peanut Butter Pie Espresso Frost, and oh boy! It really gave me a different coffee experience because they don’t just serve syrup based drink, mixed with espresso. They served my drinks in which I really get to experience each ingredients mixed in their coffee. I also learned that Kuppa make sure that their coffee beans are freshly roasts and brew, at the same time, they also uses French Press in making their coffee as well as their tea. My next visit, I’ll try Ben’s Cappuccino, because as what Chie, the store’s branch manager, it’s their best selling coffee.

Kuppa here at Taguig opened the 12th of January this year. Right now, other than coffee, they also serve other entrees,  soups and  salads, then they also have breakfast meal, pasta, pizza, sandwiches and my favorite, desserts! Speaking of desserts, It’s a must to taste and savor Matt Chocolate Cake. When they served the cake to us, it looks like an ordinary bread served in a plate, but whoaw! on the inside, it’s stuffed with hot chocolate that really melts in my mouth.

There are other drinks that I know I have to experience at Kuppa, since they also serve sugarless coffee based drinks, teas like Chinese tea, black tea and Japanese green tea. I would also like to explore their Wellness Tissane and Herbal Tissane, and know if it really have placebo effect on me, like the Pink of Health Wellness Tissane.

Since Kuppa is more of a family business, they are not open yet for franchising, and I guess that’s actually a good move if they really want to maintain a consistency on the food, ideally on teas and coffees that they serve.

Now, I’m always looking forward for another Friday, which me and my friends will do nothing, but hang out at Kuppa.

PS: I would like to thank Kathy Muzada, who took a shot of Kuppa board. 😀

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