A peek at Tim Yap’s style

He’s the man of the night, knows how to take the spotlight and share it with others if necessary, he’s fearless in fashion, makes his own style, swaggers like a true fashion icon, club owner, socialite, events specialist, host, columnist, Globe Tattoo ambassador, but what ever people may call him, to most of the people close to him, he’s Tim Yap.

When I saw him at the Globe Tattoo event held at Makati Triangle (May 29, 2011), he’s sporting a red suit, paired with neon green top and had a white and glittering gold pair of sneakers. I think he’s the few of the people I know who’s confident and brave enough to wear this outfit. When I asked him what’s his inspiration when it comes to fashion, he simply said “My inspiration is me”. He knows how to be adventurous and doesn’t mind being different, which made him stand out from the crowd. He creates his own style and takes inspiration from what his heart desires, to inspire others.

Here are some of his pictures I found, in which I would give five stars for wearing a unique style:


I tried searching for a blog that he updates to know more about what’s keeping him busy lately, however, other than tweeter, I was not able to find an “authentic” account or webpage. I hope someone out there would help me out on this one.



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