A minute with Rajo

I must say it was an amazing night to see and meet Mr. Rajo Laurel in person. I’m used to see him in Project Runway Philippines, as one of the fearless judge, and what’s great about him is, no matter how harsh or nice his comments are, you’d only hear the truth from him.


Well, other than being a Project Runway host, he’s one of the top Filipino fashion designer, and I must say he’s a revolutionist in Philippine fashion. He wisely overcome competition among other fashion designers in the country, and what I asked him what fashion for him is, he said “less is more”, which I think that helped him a lot in paving his way on making his own name in the industry.  To know more about him, please visit his website at http://www.rajolaurel.com/html/.


I’d also get to ask him what’s making him busy lately, and I see the eager and excitement in his eyes when he said he’s working with Bench, a local clothing – I should say “fashion” store in the country, and they are currently creating a project which he will make design for their jeans and perfume. Amazing, because I know it’s something he’s really good at, creating majestic designs on how a daily clothing can be really fas-yon-able! Other than clothes, I remember him making designs for cakes, and now I’m pretty excited know how his line of perfume would be like. He’s that versatile and that’s one thing that I admire about him.

I get to read his blog, http://blogs.stylebible.ph/rajosblog/, and that’s where I get to know recent happenings he’s been going through lately.


I still have some questions to ask him and we don’t have much time, and I just wish I’d get to spend few more time with him and see how I or we, can learn from him and be inspired on being fearless when it comes to expressing ourselves in fashion.



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