Why “Van Gogh is Bipolar”?

Happy Fish or Chill Meat?

It was a night to remember as I had a dinner at a place which they call as a “wonderland”, because of its eccentricity and unique way of experiencing luscios food and getting in touch with your artistic side.

From the outside, it looks like an ordinary place but as I stepped in, it’s like entering a different world. I must say it’s a privilege to be part of Jetro Rafael, the restaurant owner’s haven and I’m glad that someone is willing enough to share his talent. I’m also thankful to him because he still accommodates us in his restaurant, even it’s per reservation and they only accept 12 guest at a time that day.

I had a three meal course and it is great that even Jetro spent some time with his “visitors” and share some of his thoughts about the food he served us. I learned from him that it’s good to eat white meat for it relax’s our body as compared to red meat. He even shared a trivia, in which he said red meat makes a person aggravated, that is why soldiers during the war are prompted to eat more red meat than white meat. I also love their drinks which he call the “love potion” for it is really refreshing and each fruit pulps really gets into me and gives me an “ooohmp” sensation. Their dessert is really interesting as well for their Swiss vodka was served with the sweets, like chocolates.

I’d say it’s a place to those who just want to have quality time together or for those who wants to escape from the busy and bustling life in the street. Though it takes them time to serve their food, I did not become impatient because I gat to have a book to browse through, pictures to see, wear a crazy hat, carve my name on a wooden table and share my darkest secret in his dark room.

It is a must see place and their food is really good, which also served in a reasonable price. I will really go back to this abode because it just makes me feel like I’m home. Check them out at 154 H Maginhawa St. Sikatuna Village, Quezon City. For reservations, call or text them at +63922.824.3051.


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