Rock Bato: A must see show!

It was one hot Wednesday night, when I was surprised to hear that Basti Artadi, Wolfgang’s lead vocalist, started an online show that will really tickles every Pinoy rocker’s heart. As what was told to me, some think they are trying to re-live NU rock 107, this time using online site as their media, and it’s much better because you get view the country’s finest rock bands, via live video streaming.

Checking on their website, they are real Pinoy rock revolutionists. I like the part where they say “If you believe that OPM is worth fighting for, then you have come to the right place”, because it’s indeed a home for those who believe in Filipino singer, artist, song writer and just pure talent without compromising quality and just be another band in the market.

Rock Bato is an online portal for those who are craving for real music, created by real talented people who really put their heart on their craft. I was pretty excited when I learned that the legend Kevin Roy, wacky Jay Contreras and Aia de Leon whom I hardly see or hear which makes me really miss their band.

Though I love Basti more when he sings, I also think he’s a good host, in which he really know how to control the show and respect his guest, as he share the spotlight to each of them. I remember them talking about what music industry is like in the Philippines, like they’ve talked about how it is to be a lead singer of a band and what they like about being in a band, which I think makes every viewer feel really close to the artist they are looking up to and for other people to know more about them.

Another great thing about the show, aside from I get to watch Loquy (as Kevin as the lead) live, I also got the privilege to watch music video premiers, like Kamikazee’s Tagpuan. It really shows how each of them enjoys having intelligent and quirky discussion, that for that particular day, they have extended their program for 8 more minutes, instead of strictly 9pm to 10pm show.

To know more about the program and experience true Pinoy music, please visit and you can reach them through

Kita-kita mga kabatak! 😀


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