Bryz at first sight…

I was at Eastwood Mall last Saturday and I found my way to a stall which sells and presents bags that caters for those who’s always on the go, and for those who would like to have a bag which didn’t cost much but spacious enough to put all stuff anyone would think that a girl should have (those who carry a lot of “thing-a-ma-bobs”).

One look at this thing and all I thought “This is cute…”

Then I met the Bryz Bags. What I like about their bags is it’s foldable and I can put it on my luggage, say if I want to bring it with me everytime I travel. It is also spacious that I can put my netbook, slippers, kikay kit, bag organizer, planner, pencil case and even my boyfriend (just kidding!), so whether that be for travelling light or everyday use, I think it’s the bag to choose.

They also have a wide range of designs, but what I like the most is they have limited and unique designs that I can choose from. They have printed and plain ones that really suites every girls’ moods and personalities. Another design that they have is this:

I promised to be back the next day and snag one of the bags they sell, but sad to say that I was not able to go back again because of some commitments I have to deal with. But for those who’s interested to know more about Bryz Bags, they handed me their calling card so we can always reach them anytime. I guess it’s better if we call them and know more about the bags’ price, for each design and size comes in different price.:D


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